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Job Responsibilities: Quality Assurance Engineer (Manual Tester)

Salary: 200000 per YEAR

Company: Almabase

Location: Remote IN

About Almabase

We are on a mission to make education affordable to everyone by helping universities & schools build better relationships with their alumni which leads to increased donations.

  • Democratizing quality education: Quality education is a great equalizer. When many students receive scholarships to access education because of alumni generosity they pay it forward when they can do so. We derive our inspiration from actions like this
  • Building a large profitable business: We envision building a capital-efficient large profitable business to achieve our mission of democratizing quality education. This means less dependence on investors & more ownership of the team. We are one of the few profitable Indian SaaS startups building Value SaaS.
  • Employee Wellness <> Customer Success: We give as much importance to each team member’s personal & professional success as much as we care about our customer’s success. We believe it’s all about balance. Our recent WFH policies reflect this belief.

Our impact so far

  • 3 million alumni connected
  • 450000 students impacted
  • $3 million donations raised
  • 54 million engagement opportunities created
  • 32 months since profitability



The Opportunity

While a small team of engineers built a product that helped us scale until this point the company’s growth from here is based on a multi-product strategy. The way we’re scaling our product team is in-line with the company’s strategy. After all, we’re big believers in Conway’s law. So each product will have its team of a PM and engineers.

These products have critical workflows and the new developers need to be more confident and fearless about making changes in the system. This will help deliver products faster to the customers while building more robust products.

We have also developed an in-house framework for manually testing the features/product before launch. We call it bug bash. This has helped us catch more than 1000 bugs before releasing the features on production. In this role, you will coordinate with all team members product managers quality engineers, and developers to self-ensure and also organize the bug bashes to maintain the utmost quality of all our modules.

Think of QA in Almabase as the backbone that will help engineers in product teams to ensure quality throughout the process and coordinate bug bashes for all the product teams. Your understanding of functional testing writing maintainable tests written and verbal communication skills will be put to the test.


  • You will have to prepare test cases document test reports and log bugs.
  • In this role, you will be working closely with the Product Manager and Quality engineer for frequent updates and developments.
  • You are required to be creative in your approach to breaking new features and bringing out edge cases in the development/stage environment.
  • Feedback about learnings and discoveries has to be regularly communicated with the team.
  • You will be required to run confirmatory tests and regressing tests on our modules periodically.

Work Timings:

  • 11:30 AM IST to 8:30 PM IST – This is flexible and you can structure your working hours around pre-scheduled meetings and dependencies.


  • 2-3 years of relevant experience in the field of software testing.
  • Experience in testing Web applications and compatibility testing across browsers and devices.
  • Pays great attention to detail and helps identify edge cases.
  • A knack for breaking things. You should be driven to test with the motive of breaking the application.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to be proactive in prioritizing and focusing on deliverables.

What does your 1st year look like at Almabase?

First Month

  • Learn all aspects of products and critical workflows for each of the products as part of your training.
  • Set up the dev environment and organize your first bug bash.
  • Create a test case and report for your first project.
  • Have a one-one chat with every member of the Almabase team so you get to know everyone well.

By the 3rd Month

  • You’ll have some processes and frameworks set up to write and execute test cases.
  • You’ll have organized your first bug-bash.
  • You’ll have created a test case and test report of major modules

By the 6th Month

  • You’ll have tested APIs related to all the critical workflows.
  • Established a process for writing functional tests that will impact the entire product.
  • Be comfortable navigating most of our stack and infrastructure.
  • Be responsible for the planning scoping design and implementation of new bug bashes.
  • You’ll have started thinking and implementing frameworks around performance and load testing as well.

The 1-year mark

  • 60 percent increase in the test coverage.
  • 40 percent increase in API test coverage.
  • 40 percent reduction in the amount of time it takes to manually test the new releases.


Why should you join Almabase?

  • Freedom & Responsibility: If you are a person who wants to take up challenging work & push your boundaries then this is the right place for you. This article does a fantastic job of articulating the growth mindset we’re trying to develop –
  • Great Salary & Equity: For our top performers and leaders we grant stock options. As Almabase continues to grow you’ll have a real opportunity to create wealth for yourself and your family. We’ll ensure you are financially well-off in the end.
  • Holistic Growth: Building a career doesn’t have to be at the cost of missing out on your front. We believe that professional success is worth it when personal goals are nurtured with equal importance. We will support you on that journey of yours.
  • Transparency: If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be on an entrepreneurial journey then working with Almabase gives you that opportunity to experience it all firsthand.
  • Food & Snacks: You’ll never have to worry about your hunger pangs. We provide tasty home-cooked food & snacks at all times of the day. Obviously, this is applicable when you are in the office only 🙂
  • Health insurance: We offer health insurance coverage for you & your dependents.
  • Unlimited leaves & work-from-home: There is no ceiling to the leaves or work-from-home days. Our only policy is that you use your good judgment. We only care about the work being effective and on time. Do it from wherever you want to do it.
  • The comfort of home: On a tiring day if you want to take a break on a bed or if you want to jog & take a shower at work or play your hearts out on PS4.
  • Hybrid-work friendly: Allowances to set up a workspace at home and recurring allowances to make you happier and more productive. Team bonding activities like quizzes games and more.

If all of this sounds exciting to you join us for an exciting and fulfilling ride at Almabase!

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