Internship At Amazon

Job Responsibilities: Associate- Finance & Accounts (Remote)

Salary: 4,00 per YEAR

Company: kraftshala

Location: Remote IN

Opportunity and Role Description

About the company:

Kraftshala makes India’s most loved marketing & sales training programs with an Advocacy Score of 95%. We believe that education becomes a lot more fruitful and a lot more fun when you get kickass practitioners the real experts to train emerging talent. Our programs are built on frameworks and examples from the best in the industry and they are consistently updated with the latest cutting-edge tools & learnings from the field. The INDUSTRYCreds™ certification that our programs offer is on track to become the benchmark for hiring marketing and sales talent in India.
This is why S&M professionals from the world’s top consumer companies (like Unilever P&G Nestlé Facebook Amazon Yum! Brands, etc) as well as students currently studying in the best business schools in the country (major IIMs ISB FMS XLRI SP Jain IIFT, etc.) find value in our programs (remember 95%?).
We are a team that is gunning to bring transformative changes to India’s higher education ecosystem. Welcome to the ride! :))


Kraftshala is backed by Doreswamy Nandkishore (Former Fortune 100 CEO Head of Asia Oceania Africa for Nestlé S.A.) Pallav Jain and Sarfaraz Khimani (co-CEOs of Performics one of India’s largest performance marketing agencies).

What do we value (the Kraftshala Kode):

Like all good companies, we value integrity excellence respect inclusion, and collaboration. Our team’s distinctiveness comes from the following:
  • We seek a user-centric mindset. People who start with the user and work backward and take every opportunity to add value to their customers/ partners fit right in.
  • We value problem-solving skills. We look at problems objectively solve them for root causes make decisions for long-term good instead of short-term gain and don’t let processes get in the way of value addition.
  • We look for learning agility. We are a team of learners who like to observe reflect read speak with experts and seek feedback to be better today than we were yesterday.
  • We admire people with ambition & courage to take on large goals. We are seeking to build a team of self-starters who demonstrate high ownership.
  • We aim for consistency and reliability and expect the same from others. Predictability makes everyone’s life a lot smoother.
  • We like people who are open and direct in communication while still being empathetic.
  • We are practical optimists. Our team strongly believes in a better future and takes joy and pride in the fact that we are playing our part to make that future a reality.

What is the recruitment process:

As a small team (~40 folks) we must get to know each other before leaping. We want to ensure you succeed in your role within our team. Each conversation (telephonic/video conference) with us will last about 30-60 minutes. Typically the whole process takes between 5 – 15 business days depending on your and our schedules. The process will occur over telephonic calls so you don’t need to worry about travel.

  • Technical Exercise:
    This is a specific assessment designed to evaluate your fit for this role
  • Technical conversation: This will be a telephone call wherein you can expect to be evaluated on your functional skills and other competencies needed for the job (mentioned below).
  • Culture fit conversation – 1:
    A conversation with one of our team members to ensure that there is a fit with the Kraftshala Kode.
  • Culture fit conversation – 2:
    A conversation with our Founder/CEO to ensure that there is a fit with the Kraftshala Kode.
  • Extending an offer: If all goes well we will extend an offer mentioning the relevant details.


  • If you are made an offer to join us full time the joining will be immediate and you can expect a job offer of INR 4 LPA.
  • Other benefits include flexible holiday schedules and access to mentors from across the industry.

Finance & Accounts Role Description

What you will be doing:

As a part of the accounts team, you’d be supporting the management of the financial aspects of the firm with the following responsibilities
  • Tracking of all the receipts & payments and ensuring they are accurately recorded in the accounting books.
  • Carrying out monthly compliances of TDS EPF and GST and quarterly filings of TDS and GST returns.
  • Monitoring financial transactions reconciling the company’s bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers.
  • Reconciling and reporting any discrepancies found in the records
  • Preparing the company’s financial reports such as balance sheet and income statement
  • Supporting the team with research filings and maintaining accurate and complete financial records
  • Managing payroll operations like salary and bonus calculations creating salary slips collecting savings declarations and proofs notary formalities etc.
  • Leading additional administrative tasks on an ad-hoc basis.

Must-Have Skills:

  • Comfort with numbers and an attention to detail to spot trends and misses
  • Working knowledge of MS Office (Excel and Word)
  • High learning agility to draw from new knowledge and experiences
  • A structured approach to problem-solving
  • Demonstrated ability to take ownership and a knack for getting things done in time and in full
  • Ability to clearly and crisply communicate ideas and thoughts both verbally and in writing


  • 6 months-1 year of experience in finance and accounts (internships included). We are not too fussed about the number of years. Experience is simply a proxy for capability which is what we care for.
  • Knowledge of Tally/Zoho books/other accounting software
  • Graduation in Finance/Commerce specialization


We are a remote work organization.

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