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Job Responsibilities: Manager

Salary: 400000 per YEAR

Company: Flipkart

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka In

About the role-

  • Being a contact point in case of an incident and managing the incident from its detection to closure and post-incident analysis.
  • Communicate in an appropriate way to all concerned stakeholders to prevent any further damage due to an incident.
  • Threat Hunting and Advanced Threat management will be the primary focus of this role along with in-depth investigation and support to incidents escalated from SOC.
  • Carry out containment of cyber attacks to prevent further infections.
  • Assess the contractual and legal impact of a cybersecurity incident.
  • Provide a scene/fieldwork response to digital investigations from the case strategy through to the investigation into recovered digital media.
  • Owning a Major Security Incident process and driving Major Security Incident when happens will also be one of the key responsibilities
  • Strong knowledge in malware analysis would be a plus and the ability to conduct a detailed analysis of various security-related events like Phishing Malware DoS/DDoSApplication-specific Attacks Ransomware etc.
  • Form visualisations about the cyber attacks and propose remedial steps based on the attack patterns.
  • Also Involves communicating with key business units for making recommendations on mitigation and prevention techniques.

The onset of organised cybercrimes occurring at a very sophisticated level necessitates a robust cyber defence mechanism in place. Cyber Defence Manager will cover the incident response and forensic investigation aspects of cybersecurity in Flipkart. The Cyber Defence Manager should be with 12 years of experience and a minimum of 4+ years in cyber Incident Response and Forensics. The responsibilities of this role will be to develop incident response playbooks to respond to the incident containment steps in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to collect digital evidence related to incidents and the ability to perform forensics for incident training analysis and legal proceedings. The individual should have exposure to the cyber incident response process as well to be able to understand the attacks and respond to methodologies adopted by attackers.

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